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Elster Hosts AGI Initiative Workshops on Utilizing AMI to Realize the Smart Grid

April 16, 2008


Raleigh, North Carolina

Elster Electricity, part of Elster Group, a world leader in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and integrated metering and utilization solutions to the gas, electricity and water industries, today announced completion of two in a series of information workshops as part of its Advanced Grid Infrastructure (AGI) Initiative.

Elster’s AGI Initiative is an alliance between utilities, Elster and key technology partners to realize innovative AMI-based solutions for the grid of the future. AGI provides the utility industry with a powerful set of hardware, software and communications solutions needed to improve distribution networks by offering standards-based solutions.

Elster’s Outage and Restoration Management and Transformer Information Node workshops are part of a series of AGI sessions in which participants are provided with detailed information on implementing and using smart meters as part of Elster’s AGI Initiative. The workshops allow Elster’s technology partners to meet with the Elster team and their utility customers to discuss topics relevant to realizing a smarter distribution grid.

“Smart meters will allow the utility to know when outages occur or when power has been restored, enabling improved customer service,” said workshop participant Frank Fabiano, director of customer connections and conservation for Horizon Utilities. “Integrating our installed EnergyAxis® meters with our outage management system is an ideal way to leverage our AMI system.”

Elster AGI Initiative Coordinator Carl LaPlace said, “We are very excited to facilitate workshops to help our customers realize the advanced grid of the future. The topics of these workshops were previously identified by our customers as critical issues for an advanced distribution grid. We are pleased to meet the informational and educational needs of our customers and partners in a timely manner.”

Elster’s EnergyAxis System is the most widely deployed two-way radio frequency mesh network AMI technology in the world. EnergyAxis systems are operating in urban, suburban, rural, residential, commercial and industrial applications and range from high density metropolitan environments to lightly populated areas including remote rural villages in Alaska. EnergyAxis System installations span the globe with deployments in North America, Central America, Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean.