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Elster AMCO Water Announces evoQ4 Mag Meter

May 13, 2008


Ocala, Florida

Elster AMCO Water, Inc., part of Elster Group, a world leader in advanced metering infrastructure, integrated metering and
utilization solutions to the gas, electricity and water industries, today announces the upcoming launch of the evoQ4 mag meter. The evoQ4 mag meter is the latest addition to the evolution™ line of highly innovative, solution driven products developed for the water utility industry by Elster AMCO Water.

The evoQ4 will be unveiled at ACE08, American Water Works Association’s (AWWA) Annual Conference and Exposition at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta June 8 to 11. Product demonstrations can be seen on an ongoing basis at Elster AMCO Water’s Booth #1401. On June 9th, two Product Information Forums will be held in Exhibit Hall B featuring presentations and product demonstrations on evolution™ AMI (1pm) and evoQ4 (4pm). Elster AMCO Water’s Press Conference will be held on June 10th at 3 p.m. in Exhibit Hall B, room B201 followed by a press reception in Booth #1401.

The evoQ4 mag meter brings pioneering technology to the commercial water metering market by delivering the functionality of four traditional commercial meters – Compounds, Turbines, Single Jets, and Mag Meters. Embedded with sophisticated measurement technology, the evoQ4 mag meter provides high accuracy through a wide range of flows.

Mark Patience, senior product manager for Elster AMCO Water, explains the market demand for advanced metering solutions and highly ‘evolved’ water meters and how the evoQ4 adds value to the water industry.

“Utilities are demanding water metering solutions that are highly accurate, versatile and adept at reducing operating expenses, protecting and enhancing revenue, and efficiently managing water resources,” explains Mr. Patience.

“These demands along with the need for utilities to account for every drop of water it delivers have driven Elster AMCO Water to develop the evoQ4, a highly advanced commercial meter that is reliable, precise and delivers unparalleled performance.”

With advanced flow technology, the evoQ4 is designed for commercial applications that require a meter to accurately measure water over a wide flow range in any number of conditions and applications. The evoQ4‘s wide flow range is accomplished in part by a high resolution 0.5 second sampling rate. Fully submersible, solid state, lightweight, and with a 10 year battery life, the evoQ4 is designed to measure accurately without the need of moving parts, eliminating the need for calibration, battery change-out or any type of regular
maintenance that may be required with traditional mechanical and electromagnetic meters. The evoQ4’s features provide the capabilities needed to effectively manage water resources while reducing operating costs that can impact a utility’s revenue stream, delivering instant measurable benefits. The evoQ4 mag meter uses state-of-the-art technology that does not require any field programming. With standard AWWA lay lengths in 2 inch to 8 inch sizes, it truly is a plug-and-play mag meter.

It is embedded with the technology needed to remotely monitor leaks and manage billing systems through Elster AMCO Water’s own evolution™ AMI system, or any other AMR/AMI solution. Additionally, the bi-directional pulse output allows utilities to connect to critical water management systems, making it a revenue meter and effective tool for distribution management.

“Managing our water resources through the use of advanced metering solutions and systems and improved meter efficiency is critical to the water industry as well as the consumers they serve,” explained Roman Thomassin, president of Elster AMCO Water. “The evoQ4 further demonstrates Elster AMCO Water’s commitment to providing highly innovative, value-added products to meet the needs of the water industry now and in the future,” added Mr.Thomassin.

“As the water industry continues to advance and the need arises for utilities to improve operational efficiency, implement utility-wide conservation programs, and deliver best-in-class customer service, Elster AMCO Water will meet those needs now and in the future by continuing to invest in leading edge technology and metering intelligence to bring new strategies, innovations and services its customers worldwide,” explained Bruce Bharat, director of marketing for Elster AMCO Water.

For more information visit Elster AMCO Water at Booth #1401 or their website at or An industry leader, Elster AMCO Water continues its strong history of delivering solutions-based metering products and services to the water utility industry.