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Elster and Milsoft Utility Solutions Certify MultiSpeak® Version 3.0 Interoperability

September 08, 2008


Raleigh, North Carolina

Elster, the global leader in smart metering and smart grid system solutions, announces that its EnergyAxis® System had been certified as interoperable with Milsoft Utility Solution’s DisSPatch outage management system (OMS) through MultiSpeak 3.0 specification testing. End to end interoperability with the DisSPatch OMS system extends the EnergyAxis System’s AMI technology and enhances its ability to support outage management, a key capability of the smart grid.

Sharon Allan, president of Elster Integrated Solutions stated, “Milsoft’s OMS solution efficiently utilizes the real-time power outage data generated by the EnergyAxis System and gives utilities a powerful tool to get the lights back on quicker. Elster welcomes the opportunity to work with companies like Milsoft Utility Solutions to enhance our EnergyAxis System’s AMI technology.”

When coupled with Milsoft’s DisSPatch outage management software, the comprehensive outage data delivered by the EnergyAxis System enables utilities to identify outage areas more quickly, define the extent of outages more accurately, and ensure that power is restored before crews are moved. More effective and efficient outage management and greater customer satisfaction are some of the many benefits utilities experience with Elster’s smart metering and smart grid system technologies.

“Milsoft is excited to be proven interoperable with Elster Integrated Solution’s EnergyAxis System. The ability to utilize data from Elster’s system in a near real time method toward outage device predictions and verification of restoration is extremely valuable to our joint clients and maximizes both the available technology and their return on investment” said Ed Carlson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Milsoft Utility Solutions.

Victor Sitton, vice president of product marketing for Elster Integrated Solutions, commented, “Elster is committed to working with industry leading and inventive solution providers to develop powerful, leading edge, and cost effective AMI smart grid technology. Interoperability with Milsoft’s OMS solution is another step forward for Elster in delivering the future-proof AMI technology utilities need to build the smart grid.”