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Elster AMCO Water Launches New AMI Solution for the Water Industry at ACE07 — AWWA's Annual Conference and Exposition

June 26, 2007


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Elster AMCO Water, Inc., part of Elster Group, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of highly accurate, high quality, integrated metering and utilization solutions, announced the launch of its new advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution for the water industry, evolution™ AMI, at ACE07 (AWWA's Annual Conference and Exposition in Toronto). An industry leader and world-class provider of advanced metering technology and intelligent metering solutions, Elster AMCO Water continues its strong history of delivering solutions-based metering products and services to the North American markets of the water utility business.

“The introduction of evolution AMI to the water metering market strengthens our position as a leader of innovative technologies and integrated solutions for the water utility industry,” explained Thomas Butler, director of marketing for Elster AMCO Water. “Developed to address the water industry’s growing demand for a complete, end-to-end utility-wide solution, evolution AMI will reshape the industry’s view of water AMR.”

evolution AMI is powered by Wavenis® technology, a globally proven and mature wireless technology from Elster Group’s Coronis Systems. Designed for competitive performance, evolution AMI empowers water utilities with a fully automated metering infrastructure that provides functionality far superior to traditional automated meter reading (AMR).

An intelligent two-way communications system and mesh network topology enables any water utility to benefit from a fully migrateable (mobile) AMR to enhanced (fixed network) AMI capability without system change out. A robust radio-based system makes it adaptable to all installation environments (rural or urban).

evolution AMI employs ultra low power consumption and a web-based network management application that delivers extended radio coverage, non-mandatory line-of-site, and secure, reliable transmissions using frequency-hopping spread spectrum, explained Bruce Bharat, product marketing manager for AMR/AMI Solutions at Elster AMCO Water. “It has an operating life of over 20 years and is backed by an industry leading 20 year warranty.”

Elster AMCO Water remains committed to water conservation. evolution AMI enables consumers and water utilities to use water resources wisely. Water utilities can leverage evolution’s ability to generate customer water usage data through time-based rates or timeof- use (TOU) rates with in-home user displays that provide a real-time picture of consumer’s water consumption. The water utility is further empowered with the ability to remotely decrease water pressure or close water flow without having to deploy field personnel.

Elster AMCO Water continues to invest in cutting edge technology and metering intelligence to deliver smart metering solutions to meet the needs of the water utility market. Elster Group announced the acquisition of Coronis Systems on 25th June, thereby strengthening its portfolio of standards-based AMI solutions for utilities.

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For further information contact:

DiAnne Chamberlain
Elster AMCO Water, Inc.
+ 1 352.369.6501 

About Elster AMCO Water
Elster AMCO Water is a leader in advanced metering products and meter reading solutions. Elster AMCO Water is located in Ocala, Florida and is part of the Elster Group, the world’s largest multi-utility metering solutions company for water, electricity and gas metering. For more information visit

About Elster Group
Elster Group is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of highly accurate, high quality, integrated metering and utilization solutions to the gas, electricity and water industries. In addition, through its subsidiary Ipsen International, it is the leading global manufacturer of high level thermochemical treatment equipment.

The group has over 9,000 staff, operations in 38 countries and serves over 115 markets around the world. Elster’s high quality products and systems reflect the wealth of knowledge and experience gained from over 170 years of dedication to measuring precious resources and energy.