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  • Exceeds expectations

    Designed to meet the varying demands of utilities in markets around the world, the new S150 single-jet water meter is the latest innovation in our residential product portfolio


  • New era for GrDF's natural gas grid


  • Actionable intelligence

    Data collected from each meter or business unit. Analysis delivered in real-time. End-to-end energy management solutions put our customers in control


  • Reliable in any environment

    Rugged environments present challenging demands. Elster engineers reliable metering technologies to measure natural gas accurately in any climate, for greater peace of mind


  • DA-AMI Convergence

    Advancing voltage conservation programs for utilities to increase operational efficiencies & expand the real benefits of AMI





About us

Elster is a world leader in measuring and improving the flow of natural gas, electricity and water in more than 130 countries. With one of the most extensive installed revenue measurement bases in the world and more than 200 million metering modules deployed over the course of the last 10 years alone, Elster is enabling the vital connections between technology and Earth’s energy and resources for our global community.
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Elster is part of Honeywell

Intelligent Community

With our customers, peers and partners, we design intelligent technologies for today's advanced energy ecosystem and solve our customers’ most critical and complex challenges.