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Matrix Control Solutions Ltd - UK

November 01, 2012


Matrix Control Solutions Ltd had the ambition to become a leading player in the UK energy management market and to change the face of energy management throughout the country. In order to complement their own expertise they were embarking on a vendor selection project for a reliable and customizable energy management technology platform.

Matrix Control Solutions Ltd opted for EIServer™ from Elster EnergyICT as the platform for their Energy Management Centre (EMC), an active remote energy management solution to maximize return on investment for any organization by reducing energy consumption. They have used this ‘off the shelf’ software platform to create their own set of value-added solutions (e.g. energy consumption dashboarding).

Matrix Control Solutions Ltd was able to strengthen its leading position in the market and acquire key customers. The long-standing relationship with Elster EnergyICT – built on trust, continuous feedback & interaction – has enabled them to keep up with their exceptional growth track.