• Fueling partnerships

    For more than 60 years, Elster has worked with GrDF in France
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  • Utilization

    Controls and burners for heat treatment systems for commercial & industrial manufacturers


  • Integrated Systems

    Comprehensive pipeline custody transfer solutions, innovative low pressure distribution products and metering systems


  • Natural gas

    Our advanced technologies and systems meter, regulate, distribute, control and utilize natural gases for utilities and industrial companies


  • From the wellhead to the burner tip



No other company can deliver products, systems and solutions for the natural gas industry across the global gas market like Elster. For more than 175 years, we have engineered the vital connections between integral infrastructure, technology and communities with our best-in-class products and solutions for measurement, regulation and the safe control and application of gases.

Elster gas meters, systems, heat process units and technologies are deployed all over the world. Visit Elster Gas



Elster Instromet

With Integrated Metering Solutions Elster Instromet develops innovative concepts to provide you with an effective and constructive technology for your up- and midstream gas quality and gas volume measurement challenges.

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Elster Meter

Elster Meter is a worldwide market leader for state-of-the art high accuracy down-stream gas measurement and regulation. Elster Meter supplies you worldwide with Meter and SMART meter systems, communication modules to the head end system and many more. Furthermore Elster Perfection offers a complete line of gas distribution products that allow installers to make fast easy and safe connections from “main to meter” and from “tank to house”.
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Elster Kromschroeder

Elster Kromschroeder quality components, intelligent system solutions and various services make it possible to use natural gas economically, safely and in an environmental-friendly-way. Saving resources in every respect when generating and using heat for thermo process and heating purposes. Elster Kromschroeder solutions are worldwide known as high quality and reliable for combustion systems and heat management.
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