• Fueling partnerships

    For more than 60 years, Elster has worked with GrDF in France
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  • Utilization

    Controls and burners for heat treatment systems for commercial & industrial manufacturers
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  • Integrated Systems

    Comprehensive pipeline custody transfer solutions, innovative low pressure distribution products and metering systems


  • Natural gas

    Our advanced technologies and systems meter, regulate, distribute, control and utilize natural gases for utilities and industrial companies
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  • From the wellhead to the burner tip


Elster American Meter

Elster American Meter has been a leader in the measurement and control of natural gas since the very beginning of the industry. Today, we continue to fulfill that role as part of Elster Gas North America. This global organization brings the latest technology and best practices from leading European and American manufactures of gas measurement and control equipment to markets around the world.
At Elster American Meter, we have a history of design innovations that have consistently improved the accuracy and the service life of gas meters. We pioneered the shift to aluminum-case meters as a replacement for cast iron and introduced the molded convoluted diaphragm that established new standards for long-term accuracy and reliability. For over 175 years, Elster American Meter has paved the way for advancement in the gas industry.

Elster American Meter
2221 Industrial Road
Nebraska City, NE

T +1 402 873 8200
F +1 402 873 7616

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Products & Solutions

Gas Metering Products

Elster American Meter is the industry’s leading supplier of diaphragm meters, with models to meet your applications from domestic service to large industrial uses
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Gas Regulation Products

Elster American Meter gas pressure governors and regulators meet the highest demands concerning quality and capacity
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Gas Filtration Products

Filters and strainers designed to remove contaminants and other matter
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Meter/Regulator Accessories

Accessories manufactured with the highest standards and for a variety of industry applications
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Remanufacturing and Refurbishing Services

A complete portfolio of services: state-of-the-art processes and data management systems ensure the highest levels of quality and accuracy
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Unique in the gas industry, Elster Meter Services offers a complete program of products and services
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